Advice: Vacuum Packing Fruit

The two main reasons and added benefits for vacuum packing fresh fruit is to prolong the shelf life in the refrigerator and to freeze for the future.

The problem with many fresh fruit is that the shelf life is very short. By vacuum packing fruit in an acrylic vacuum container, and placing it in th fridge, the freshness can last for several days longer. The vacuum process removes air that contains oxygen around the fruit. If oxygen is removed, the growth of bacteria and the breakdown and discoloration of the fruit is greatly reduced. Strawberries, blackberries, cut mangoes and many other soft fruits will benefit from the vacuum process.

Acrylic vacuum containers are ideal to store soft fruit in a fridge and unlike vacuum bags will not crush the fruit. If the idea is to freeze fruit for future use, it can be done in an acrylic container or in a vacuum bag. It may be wise to freeze the fruit first before vacuum packing it in a bag to prevent it from being crushed. This is obviously not a problem when acrylic containers are used.

When vacuum packing cooked fruit like apple sauce or stewed plums, it is advisable to freeze first before vacuum packing. This will prevent liquid from being drawn into the Lava Vacuum Packing machine. If you are someone that enjoys baking fruit cakes and pies, it is clear what the benefits of vacuum packing cooked fruits are. The whole pie can even be vacuum packed!

The use and benefits of vacuum packing to the household is becoming more and more recognized and vacuum packing fruit is just one example.

No longer is the process of vacuum packing reserved for the commercial market.

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