Advice: Using Stainless Steel and Acrylic Vacuum Containers

Besides using the Lava Vacuum Packing machine in association with bags and pouches, vacuum containers are also an option. Vacuum containers are ideal to pack soft items, especially those high in fluid content. We supply two different types of vacuum containers.

There are very versatile and ideal for storing soft food items and salads which are not suitable for vacuum packing in pouches. The stainless steel bowls are re-usable and will save money on the long run. Salads can be stored in a vacuum bowl in the fridge for several days and will show no sign of discoloration or lack of ‘crunch’. Salads can then be prepared hours before it is actually required but also left over salads can be consumed later. Fruit salad and other food where oxidation is the main cause of discoloration can now be prepared in the morning, only to be served in the late afternoon or evening. Think of a restaurant where the ability now exists to pre-prepare items and knowing that they will still be in tip top condition when served.

Stainless steel vacuum containers are ideal for marinating meat. Where meat is usually marinated overnight, the same can be achieved under vacuum in 20 minutes. When the meat is vacuumed in a container the fibres of the meat are actually pulled apart to ensure that the marinade penetrates deeper into the meat.

We supply 3 sized of re-usable stainless steel containers. Sizes are available in 1,3 Liter / 2,5 Liter / 4 Liter.

These high quality vacuum containers are perfect for keeping salads, soft fruit and vegetables in top condition for up to five times longer than they would normally keep. They are also ideal for marinating meat and fish for a braai.

One practical aspect to consider when vacuum sealing vegetables in containers is to appreciate the fact that some raw vegetables like for instance potatoes continue to produce gas, even in the refrigerator. This will cause a loss of vacuum after a few days and needs to be then re-vacuumed. It is always advisable to blanch fermenting foods like for instance potatoes. The container lids with pressure indicators will indicate when the vacuum is lost and need to be re-vacuumed.

These re-usable containers are a ‘must have’ for your vacuum packing machine! The containers can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge or freezer. They can keep salads, soft fruit and chopped vegetables in top condition for up to five times longer than usual. Containers will save you money, experience it yourself!!

Sandwiches, cakes and other foods, unsuitable for packing in vacuum pouches can easily be vacuum packed in acrylic vacuum containers. The shelf life of cakes and scones can be dramatically improved by storing them in a vacuum container. Even hams, vienna sausages and other cold meats are ideal to keep in the acrylic vacuum containers to prevent it from drying out. The vacuum containers will have to be re-vacuumed every time you open it, but this will only take a few seconds. This can either be done with the machines, using the attachemt or with the hand pump that can be bought separate.

We supply a very wide variety of shapes and sizes for every need. You can also purchase an acrylic vacuum container set, which has the hand pump and 3 different sized containers in as part of the set.

An experiment that we performed on strawberries demonstrated that those kept in a container under vacuum were still in perfect condition after 5 days. The other strawberries that were kept in the same container it was bought in, without vacuum were soft after 2 days and had to be thrown out after 4 days. This proofs that vacuum sealing prolongs shelf life and saves you money!

When using the acrylic vacuum containers care should be taken not to over-vacuum seal them. As soon as the indicator on the lid shows you that it reached a vacuum, you can stop the machine. Due to the strength of the Lava vacuum packing machine, it is advisable not to ‘over vacuum pack’ the containers, since this may damage the containers. It is also advisable when you vacuumed a container, to always remove the attachment from the machine first before removing it from the container. It sometimes sucks out the blue sealer from the vacuum container lid when you pull the attachment out from the lid first. When removing the acrylic container from the fridge or freezer, always break the seal to let in air before putting it in the microwave oven.

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