Advice: Using Continues Vacuum Packing Rolls

Are there any advantages of using continues rolls over vacuum packing pouches? Continues rolls are more cost effective when vacuum packing small amounts of various sizes. Many of our customers use their vacuum packing machines at home to pack small quantities of different things and find it more cost effective to use rolls than to buy packs of 50 or 100 pre sized vacuum pouches.

A disadvantage of continues vacuum packing rolls is that they are less convenient to use because the roll needs to be cut to the correct length and the open end sealed using the heat sealer on all the Lava Vacuum Packing machines. This is time consuming.

We advice to use in combination with vacuum packing pouches to have the best of both worlds. For example the 16 x 25cm bags and the 20 x 30cm bags can be used for the smaller items and a 30cm roll for the occasional vacuum packing of a larger item.

The best and most economical performance with your vacuum packing machine is obtained by matching the vacuum pouch size to the item being vacuum packed. There should be as little waste as possible at the sides and only enough space at the top of the pouch to make the vacuum and heat seal process possible. If continues rolls are used enough space should be allowed to create the heat seal for the finished vacuum packed product.

Lava supplies continues rolls in four widths namely 15cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm. Each vacuum roll is 6 meters long and there are either two or four continues rolls per pack. See price list for details.

If you plan to reseal the bag, lets say in the case of storing hard cheddar cheese, a few more centimeters should be added to the size of your bag.

A very handy tip is to always try and keep the opening of the vacuum pouch dry. The top of the pouch can be turned on itself to keep dry and clean. This will ensure the best result when vacuum packing and heat sealing.

For safety reasons always remember to keep all vacuum packing bags, rolls and pouches out of the hands of small children.

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