Advice: How to look after your Lava Vacuum Packing Machine

Although Lava Vacuum packing machines require minimal maintenance, it is important to keep the machine as clean as possible to extend its life. Always switch off and unplug the machine before cleaning. The machine should be wiped off with a damp cloth to make sure that the areas around the top and bottom seals are very clean. In the case where the seals have become wet or contaminated with blood or other liquids, they should be removed by gently pulling them out, not to damage them. The seals can then be wiped clean, or if necessary washed with luke warm soapy water. The seals must then be left on a paper towel to dry overnight to ensure that they are totally dry before replacing them.

The area around the vacuum bag needs to be sealed when it is clamped under the lid of the machine in order to create the vacuum. This can only be achieved by using foam rubber sealing strips on the top lid and bottom of the machine. New seals always work more effective than old, worn out and hardened seals.

If the seals are not air tight, the machine can no longer create a vacuum. The seals may need to be replaced after 12-48 months, depending on how much the machine is used and what is pack with it.

Always check the liquid trap to make sure that no liquid has accumulated. On Lava models V100, V200, V300 and V333 the clear plastic liquid trap can be removed and washed under the tap and then thoroughly dried with a paper towel. When replacing the liquid trap, make sure that it is re-fitted properly and pressed firmly into place. Check and make sure that the rectangular rubber seal is in place. Underneath the liquid trap the two small rubber o-rings must be in place to assure proper functioning. It is important to note that although the lid of the liquid trap may appear square, it is actually rectangular and can only fit on properly in one way.

The heat sealing mechanism consists of a heating element or elements, covered by a non-stick Teflon strip. The Teflon strip prevents the bag sticking to the element. Depending on how much the machine is used, the Teflon strip will need to be replaced after some time to ensure proper functioning. Do not tare off the Teflon strip unless it is to be replaced by a new one.

If well maintained , the Lava vacuum packing machine should give you several years of service. If needed, all disposable parts can be replaced. The most important, however is to prevent liquid from filling the liquid trap and then entering the motor on the inside of the machine.

You can service your machine at home by following the instructions on the video below. If there are parts that need to be replaced, you can contact us via email at

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